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Rhonda Hark, Songwriter

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Rhonda Hark

"There's nothing like a great song. My passion is to write music that moves people, makes them feel something, helps them heal — or simply helps them enjoy life."

"I love a good collaboration. Whether it's to do a co-write, work with an artist to craft just the right song, or collaborate with a producer and musicians to create a full track, it's magical!  It takes an idea and shapes a product that's new, exciting, and different than any one of us would have created on our own."

Rhonda loves a collaborating with others who share her passion for great music — so she regularly networks with producers, publishers, current and potential co-writers and musicians. Contact her by sending your information
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Rhonda Hark is a songwriter based out of Boston, Massachusetts who got her start writing as a young child. Rhonda's songwriting focuses on pop and pop country, while she also leans into rock and other genres. Most of her work is initially on the instruments she plays including piano and electric guitar, before she works with producers in Nashville, Boston and beyond to bring demos to life.  A member of NSAI and the Boston Chapter, and an active networker in the industry, Rhonda stays current on industry trends and songwriting techniques while sharing ideas on the craft she so loves.  Finding her love of music and starting to write at a young age, Rhonda was heavily influenced by classic rock, 80s & 90s rock, and 90s grunge, and more recently, by 2000s pop as well as country and pop country music. You will hear some of these influences in her songs today.

For examples of her work, check out Rhonda's SoundcloudAlso available is Rhonda's song "Standing in Your Corner" which was selected for a pop rock compilation album showcasing independent artists called "13 Moments to Summer" and released April 17, 2020 by Ramshaw Records out of the UK.